Five reasons to move to Kent or Sussex



As a property search expert, I can give you many more reasons than five to move to Kent or Sussex, but these are usually at the top of many people’s lists when they are thinking of moving and need help finding their next home.

Coast and countryside

You get the best of both worlds with Kent and Sussex as they are beautiful, rural counties surrounded by coastline. This means there is a range of locations and housing stock to choose from and perfect if you like the best of both worlds and a trip to the beach is never more than an hour away.

Transport links

Whether you need fast road or rail links to London or continental Europe, or easy access to airports, both counties are well positioned and Kent in particular benefits from HS1 and high speed rail links to St Pancras station and beyond.

Outstanding schools

Kent has a highly selective education system and 25% of all school places are at state funded selective schools and 38 of the UK’s 138 grammar schools are in Kent and Medway. Sussex on the other hand has many outstanding schools but approaches the allocation of school places very differently. In both instances you will need to consider school catchment areas carefully and bear in mind these can change.

Food, drink, and fun

Both Kent and Sussex have some fantastic local food producers, restaurants, pubs, vineyards, breweries, farmers markets and direct to door delivery services. You can certainly eat well, eat seasonal, reduce food miles, and support British farmers and producers if you live here.


Bearing all of the above in mind, Kent and Sussex have some of the most expensive and most affordable areas of the South East to live in, so there really will be something to suit every budget. Our advice is always to think broadly at first and be open to different locations before really focussing in on your search area and criteria.

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