Make sure your views are heard on the Lower Thames Crossing Design Refinement Consultation



A Design Refinement Consultation to the design of the Lower Thames Crossing begins from 00.01hrs on 14 July and new plans and maps will be available. You can also register to receive information at

The consultation runs until 12 August and includes:

  • Minor changes to elements of the highways design
  • Updated paths for walkers, cyclists and horse riders
  • Proposals for redirecting and upgrading utilities
  • More detailed landscaping proposals
  • Further developed ecological mitigation measures


Tom French at BTF Partnership who is representing landowners both in Kent and Essex who are affected by the scheme comments:


“It is important to remember that this project and the proposed route isn’t a foregone conclusion yet and many landowners are still challenging the plans as they will have a significant impact on their land, property holdings and or businesses. For many the battle is only just beginning and we are helping them to prepare a robust challenge. For example, some of the valuations on businesses that will be wiped out by compulsory purchase plans are woefully short of their true value and we hope Highways England doesn’t try to exploit the current Covid-19 situation to try and impose lower valuations, especially in cases of compulsory purchase. I would urge everyone affected to look at the refinements which are being proposed and to act quickly to ensure their views are included as there is less than four weeks to do this.”