Returning to the UK…where do I live?



For anyone who has been living overseas in recent years and now planning on returning to the UK, getting onto the property ladder can be a little daunting. The market here in the South East moves fast and it seems many buyers want the same things in the same locations. An increasing ability to work from home has also opened up a much larger search area for many people.

Buyers are also competing with a healthy developer market for opportunities such as building plots or old farmsteads with buildings with potential for improvement or redevelopment and the owners of these sites are often reluctant to sell, waiting for the right moment to market them.

Land is also at a premium here in Kent and Sussex and 2020 saw the lowest amount of farmland openly marketed across the UK.

Despite this there are opportunities to be had and we can help you to find and realise the potential for your new home here in the South East.

Here are a few points to consider to help you relocate to the UK:

  • Be flexible on the location. The South East is a big area so look at a number of potential locations before narrowing down your search.
  • Focus on what is important. School catchment areas generally don’t change but there might be other more flexible factors in your search criteria that can help you discover new areas.
  • Asking price vs value. Whilst the market may have changed rapidly in the years you have been overseas, it is important to remember that there is a difference between the asking price of a property and its value. Taking advice can help you to avoid making an expensive mistake.
  • Think like a developer. Could the property you seek currently have another use for example a redundant commercial property, pub etc? Understanding the future potential of a building and what may be achieved with a change of planning class could unlock a number of opportunities.


Christopher Linton at BTF Finders comments: “Making an international move to the UK can be really daunting and it pays to have the advice and support of a professional who can help and guide you to find the best property and land for you and your needs. At the moment a lot of people searching are frustrated that there is a low supply of properties in the South East however the Covid pandemic may have led many people to wait until it ends before they make a final decision on whether to move. Opportunities will be there, but you may need help to find them and be able to act quickly to secure them.”

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