Medway Council Call for Sites

Medway Council Call for Sites



Medway Council have recently launched a ‘Call for Sites’ initiative and are inviting local residents, landowners, developers, businesses and other interested parties to submit their land for potential future development. This latest initiative follows the Council’s review of the emerging Local Plan, and is to consider new sites for uses including housing, employment and commercial, waste management and minerals supply.

The window for submission is now open until 28th February 2023. The qualifications for nominated sites are; sites of 0.25 hectares (0.62 acres) or greater, which can deliver economic development, or 5 or more residential dwellings; sites for mineral extraction for gravel and sand as well as for landfilling waste. The Council have also requested that sites submitted under the 2019 Strategic Land Availability Assessment (in which 228 sites were deemed to be suitable, available and achievable for development) are resubmitted. Therefore, it is important for landowners to consider not only the submission of new sites, but also the resubmission of previous sites.

Tom French, Director, comments:
“It is important that all landowners who have previously submitted sites resubmit them as well as anyone proposing a new site. This is a good opportunity for all landowners in the area to review their holdings and to put forward sites that previously might not have been considered”.

Each site will need to be submitted as part of an individual application. BTF are able to advise on the suitability of your land for development, the best options available to you and are well placed to make applications to the ‘Call for Sites’ on your behalf.