Government sets out the Future for Farming



The Government has published (30 November 2020) further details of its Roadmap to the future of UK Farming outside of the EU – “The Path to Sustainable Farming: An Agricultural Transition Plan”

The agricultural transition period commences on 1 January 2021, running to 2027, during which time there will be a gradual reduction and phasing out of Direct Payments and a move to alternative structures to improve the environment, animal health and welfare, and reduce carbon emissions.

Tom Wilson at BTF Partnership comments: “although we knew much of this was on the horizon, the illustration of reduced BPS payments, at least up to 2024 for now, is a sobering reminder of the importance for us all to be looking at the alternatives. Simplification of the existing BPS and CS schemes in the interim is welcome, providing these are delivered in the spirit of the intended outcomes; also, redistributed funds into ELMs and incentive schemes moving forward should provide opportunity, but we must hope that these are delivered pragmatically, the payments reflect true value and monies are not unnecessarily lost to administration. In the shorter term, positive engagement in the squadron of Pilots is crucial.”

Tom concludes: “Farming is Changing and I urge industry to get involved”.

Further details can be found at and there are also useful booklets which can be downloaded: